A Curious Couple – Digital Art

Hi everyone

I hope you are all well.

Today’s little project is “A Curious Couple”.

Oddly Curious

I want to make a couple of cotton tote bags and this is one of the images I thought I would try and use for that with the aid of Transfer Artist Paper.  I also thought the project Mary and her lamb (previous post) would look ok on another one.   This image is quite small and low quality here on the blog as per the TOU of the digi kits but the size of the original is quite large about 40 cm x 40 cm.  Although that will probably be too large for the TA paper and I may need to reduce the size to fit.  Anyway, that was what was in my mind when I created this project.  Not sure if it will work on the bag but I will give it a go and see what happens.

Thanks for looking

Flo x

Miles Beyond The Moon and itKuPiLLi Imagenarium




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