The Hare And The Moon – Digital Collage

Hi everyone

I hope you are all well and enjoying the weekend.

Today’s little project is The Hare and the Moon.

Florence Langley Moon Gazing2020

A little bit of moon gazing going on.

Thank you for looking

Take care,

Flo x

itKuPiLLi Imagenarium Credit



    1. Hi Barb, mainly, the projects on here have been made up using digi kits I have bought from Mischief Circus.

      A lot of kits I use are from

      ItKuPiLLi Imaginarium

      I also use kits from Tumble Fish Studio and Holliewood Studios. Equal quality but a different style of elements.

      Basically the kit contain elements and backgrounds and then you just build up the layers using photo manipulation software such as Photo shop. A bit like the old style decoupage but digitially. The projects on here are very small and low quality as per the terms of use. The originals of these are large and I can have them printed onto canvas or fabric or just prints. Lots of ways you to use them.

      I have no connection with Mischief circus. Their kits are fabulous quality. I would say to anyone check the “terms of use” from the various studios on Mischief Circus because they do have different restrictions in selling finished projects etc depending on what you want to do.

      If you are interested there are lots of samples on Mishchief Circus above link, on Pinterest. Or, check out facebook. The facebook page is very active and lots to look at.

      Hope this helps. Flo x



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