Cloe’s Adventures Digital Collage

Helloooo to anyone calling in today.

I was thinking the other night about a project I wanted to do on canvas. Now, I am not very good with colours on backgrounds so, instead of getting the paints out and trying this and that and everything turning sludge brown and resulting in a whole host of waste, I thought I would try it digitally first. Not convinced this was the effect that I wanted but it is nearly there….and it was a lot of fun.


It is funny that the colours I had in my mind didn’t translate at all and this seems quite dark.  In my head it was pretty, pretty, pretty!! 🙂  Maybe some orange and reds would have warmed it up a little 🙂 🙂 🙂


Thanks for looking.

Flo x


Credits for elements – Tumble Fish Studios
and Holliwood Studios – Mischief Circus.


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