Prairie Girls – Digital Art

Helloooo to anyone calling in today.

Its been so hot over the last couple of days. 42 at the moment! We are melting quite nicely! It’s too hot to do anything else so I though I would play with some digi elements. This didn’t really translate from what was in my mind but when does it ever….

I also got lost in blending and couldn’t find my way back so it turned out a bit dark and more dramatic than I would have liked but lots learnt so I will take the positives from it and move on.
That’s it from me. Just getting ready to watch the Tennis. Only four days left of the holiday. The time has passed so quickly.

Thank you for looking.

Take care,

Flo x


Credits for digi elements
ItKuPiLLi Imagenarium and Tumble Fish Studios
Mischief Circus.




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