Wanda – Digital Art

Hellooo to anyone calling in tonight.
Great to have your company.

A couple of nights ago, I was up in the early hours trying to make some digi stamps out of some old family photos…..I am now follically-challenged!  I had in my mind an idea for a mixed media project to make over the summer.  After all of my efforts, instead of  the digi stamp I wanted,  I ended up making brushes!  Not quite what I was looking for at all. I printed off a couple of copies of the photos instead!!

Anyway, I got so fed up I thought I would play with some digi elements. Much more therapeutic. So here is Wanda.



One good thing did come out of the session, whilst I was working away,  I had some new ideas for my other project.  So all was not lost.

Thank you for looking.

Have a wonderfully creative week.

Flo x


Credits for digi elements
Tumble Fish Studios
Mischief Circus


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